Why It drives men crazy when women smell great.

Published: 22nd September 2008
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Whether you hope to attract a date or improve a current relationship, natural fragrances can open dialogue, boost feelings of closeness, & improve your sex and love life.

Can you make yourself smell sexy? How much does the sense of smell factor into love, sex, and attractiveness? From food smells to body odor, studies have found that some Perfuperfumesmes turn women and men on and can improve intimacy and sex.

Studies: Men, Women, the Nose and Sex
Though the sense of smell plays a sometimes mysterious role in sex, what the nose knows and its impact on sexual attractiveness is undeniable.

Studies on the role of aromas in attractiveness and romance have found that:

women prefer the smell of men whose genetics are similar but not too similar to their own
men prefer women's body odor during the time of the month when they are fertile
ovulating women prefer the smell of "dominant men"
women look an average of six years younger to men when the scent of grapefruit is present while the men view the women's photos
Studies in 1998 and 2006 by Alan Hirsch of The Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation reported that:

all 26 aromas tested caused some increase in blood flow to male sex organs
men were most aroused (40% more blood flow) by the smells of lavender and pumpkin pie; and by doughnuts and licorice (31.5%)
traditional perfume or "floral fragrances" give only a 3% increase
women found some aromas stimulating, while others actually shut down blood flow to genitalia
women showed the most sexual response to the fragrances of licorice candy, cucumber, baby powder (each 13%); pumpkin pie and lavender (11%)
women were actually turned off by the smells of men's cologne, barbequed meat and cherries
How Does the Link Between Smell and Sexuality Work?
It has been speculated that the connection between sex and aromas is as simple as happiness. If a smell makes you calmer or more confident, it may naturally contribute to loving feelings towards others, as well as more patience and tact.

Smells that make people feel good about themselves may make them feel sexier and hornier. They may also lower inhibitions.

Some essential oils are known for their ability to help balance both sexual and thyroid hormones. These aromas may work on a physical level to boost the biological factors in romance and sex. Other essential oils stimulate the brain centers relating to the emotions.

Essential perfume for Romance and Sexuality
Several essentials oil are famed aphrodisiacs, boosting and enhancing the sex drive:

ylang ylang - balances sexual emotions with physical sex drive
nutmeg - supports the nervous system and hormone balance
For women:

clary sage
For men:

in keeping with the finding that pumpkin pie is a major turn-on for men, spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper have long been used as male aphrodisiacs

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