Famous Discount Fragrance Houses: France Designers of Perfume

Published: 14th October 2008
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Starting from the ancient Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians. perfumes have always played a significant part in cloaking pungent odor and in making a person feel relaxed. Since ages France has been the largest manufacturer of perfume. A small town namely Grasse is called 'the perfume capital of the world' for having numerous perfumeries and producing the famous perfume brands in France.

France is usually where most people get their fragrance fashion expertise.

With its exotic and striking fragrance, the famous perfume brands in France have all the time kept the country above all the others. France stands out in the market for her famous perfume brands and contributes a substantial portion towards the country's economy.

L'oreal group, the world's largest producer of cosmetics, is followed by some of the well known French fragrance manufacturers such as Lancome, Ralph Lauren, Paloma Picasso, Giorgio Armani and so forth. Not forgetting that manufacturer Louis-Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy also offers an astounding turnover round the year to the country. Every year France introduces new fragrances in the world market. Some of the famous and worth mentioning perfume brands in France are:

• Thierry Mugler Le Parfum

Thierry Mugler, born 1948 in Strasbourg, France is a fashion designer, photographer, and creator of a fashion design company of the same name. Has created perfume and cologne brands including: Angel Perfume, A Men Cologne, Innocent, Mugler Cologne, B Men Cologne, Angel Garden of Stars Perfume, Alien Perfume, A Men Summer Flash Cologne, Mugler Cologne Summer Flash, Innocent Summer Flash Perfume, Innocent Secret Perfume, ICE Men, Eau de Star Perfume, & Innocent Illusion.

• Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent was an Algerian-born French fashion designer who was considered one of the greatest figures in French fashion in the 20th century. A list of perfume and cologne products he produced are: Baby Doll Perfume, Baby Doll Lucky Game, Cinema Perfume, Jazz Cologne, Kouros Body Cologne, Kouros Cologne, Live Jazz Cologne, Nu Perfume, Opium Perfume, Paris Perfume, Opium Cologne, Rive Gauche Perfume, Y Perfume, YSL Perfume, Yvresse Perfume, Yvresse Legere Perfume, Young Sexy Lovely Perfume, and a few others

• Nina Ricci

Born Maria Nielli in Turin, Italy in 1883, she moved to Florence with her family at age 5 and then to France in 1895 at age 12. At the age of 13, she began an apprenticeship at a dressmaker's. She continued to pursue her love of fashion throughout her teenage years. She married jeweler Luigi Ricci in 1904, thus becoming Maria Ricci. They had a child named Robert. In 1908 Nina joined the house of Raffin as a designer and remained there for 20 years. She became Raffin's partner, and then moved on to create her own design house in 1932.The house of Nina Ricci was founded by Maria Ricci and her son Robert in Paris in 1932. Some of her fragrances include: Deci-Dela Perfume, L'Air Du Temps Perfume, Love in Paris Perfume, Premier Jour Perfume, L''Air Du Temps Love Fills Perfume, Nana Perfume, & Memoire D'Homme,

• The Design House of Van Cleef and Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels, whose style is defined by Glamour and Femininity, has always been associated with Fashion and Haute Couture. Fragrance Brands of this designer include: Eau De Tsar Cologne, First Perfume, Murmure Perfume, Tsar Cologne, Van Cleef Cologne, Van Cleef Perfume, First Loves Perfume, Birmane Perfume, Les Saisons Par Van Cleef, and First Pour L'ete Summer Perfume

• Oscar de la Renta

At the age of 18, he moved to Spain, where he studied painting at the Acade of San Fernando in Madrid. He quickly changed his focus to fashion. While living in Spain, he became interested in the world of design and began sketching for leading Spanish fashion houses, which started the path to his great success. Some of his fragrances include: Intrusion Perfume, Oscar Cologne, Oscar Pour Lui Cologne, Rosamor Perfume, So De La Renta Perfume, Volupte Perfume, Oscar Red Orchid Perfume, Oscar Gold Perfume & Oscar Pink Lily Perfume to name a few.

• Ungaro

In 1965 with the assistance of Swiss artist Sonja Knapp and Elena Bruna Fassio, Emanuel Ungaro opened his own fashion house in Paris. Some of his famous perfumes and colognes are: Apparition Perfume, Apparition Cologne, Desnuda Perfume, Diva Perfume, & Ungaro III Cologne.

Since the beginning, all the famous perfume manufacturers in France take extra pain to design the perfume bottles. Keeping in mind the target buyer of each fragrance is packed in an ornate and decorated bottle. Among all, the perfume bottle manufactured by the French fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier is worth mentioning. For being shaped in the form of a woman, the perfume gained enormous popularity.

Numerous French stores and noted sites promote and sell these famous branded perfumes of France. These famous perfume brands in France are exported on a large scale and are renowned all over the world for their pleasant fragrance.

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