Cologne And Perfume Attraction: Fragrance Notes In Mens Perfume

Published: 17th October 2008
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Most women will tell you, a guy that smells good instantly grabs your attention. Today men's cologne offerings are greater than any other time in history. Granddady came home from WWII wearing "Old Spice", and Dad turned Mom's head with scents like "Brut" and "Chaps". Far beyond "Old Spice," in todays times, a mans perfume or cologne now has with it smells of citrus and surprisingly some flowers in the mix too.

Citrus scents carry a deceptive name. They may use oil of lemon or orange, but perfumes or colognes like the Tommy Hilfiger discount fragrance "Tommy" are far from smelling like a slice from an orange. Their fresh sporty scent is great for an active guy. Splashed on as an aftershave or applied as a cologne, the fragrance extends that clean "just out of the shower" feel.

If you want a more healthy perfume, choose a scent with Fougere, this is a classic smell. Oak moss and lavender bring their rich scents to this family, which is often blended with woody, spicy and even leather scents. "Brut" in its trademark green bottle, is one of a classic leather fougere. Ask people above 40 about this one.

Leather? You ask. Yes, leather is one of the most popular men's scents to date. Birch tar and cade oil give fragrances like "English Leather" by Dana Perfumes a smoky or musky scent, in tune with a more "macho" man or a man willing to take on the hands-on out of door labor.

The chypre family includes sage, patchouli and other woody resins all tailor made for the outdoorsman in every man. One of the perfume bases from the last century, you no longer hear of it very often. That doesn't mean that these discount fragrances are no longer in use. The marketing descriptions have merely shifted. Think north woods, plaid wool jackets and cold, crisp, fresh air.

The "weight" of oriental perfume and cologne allow them not to be worn often throughout the day, for instance at work or the office. Its when the sun goes down these scents come to life. At night, their "weight" with oil based perfume scents.. they are dark & heavy featuring resins and amber. They will bring alot of unpredictableness and mystery to your evening.

Fragrance that is of a Woody scent have a tendency to be more "softer and dry," now you see me.. now you don't type of perfume scent. Great fragrance to not over do it, and just let it linger softly. The lack of stridency does not mean easily forgotten. Perfumes and colognes of sandalwood epitomize the meditative warmth of this family. "Safari" (for men) by Ralph Lauren and "Cool Water" by Davidoff Colognes are both considered great discount woody scents for perfume and cologne.

Finally, spicy fragrances round out the perfume families for men. Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Basil, and some other oils usually from India make up this family. "Joop!" is probably the most famous of these. It is also suited for evening and winter wear. But, if you are a little subsequent to perspiring, remember to go sparing with these stronger smells. A good discount perfume or cologne is attractive by itself, it should not drive people away.

Please keep in mind that a good discount fragrance with a nice scent will attract anyone's attention as long as it does not drive them away. {{{Alot of people remember things through their sense of smell. The way one smells something is strongly related to memory.|The sense of smell is that sense most strongly associated with memory. How do you want people to remember you? Woodsy, spicy, mysterious and dark? With the right perfume or cologne a man or a women for that matter will make the impression that lingers on.
I 've had my fair share of troubles with picking the right perfume or cologne for me or a gift for someone else. I have been around perfume and cologne for over 20 years. A great site I've found and used many times to purchase discount perfume and cologne is YourNewFragrance.Com.

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